Team of professionals with experience working in the fields of asset management, financial technology, corporate development and investment banking.

Diverse, global expertise is the symbiosis of dynamic insight and decision making.

Cesar S. Murillo, CIMA
Chief Executive Officer
Cesar S. 

Mr. Murillo is an experienced investment analyst, asset management and corporate development professional. Mr. Murillo has over 20 years of investment experience in the areas of due diligence, fintech, business development, consultancy and investment analysis, working with institutional, corporate and private clients in developed, emerging and frontier markets.

Prior to EGI, Mr. Murillo was Managing Director and Head of Business Development at Overture Financial Services, a financial technology and investment start-up. Prior, he was the VP and Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean at ING Investment Management. Additionally, Mr. Murillo has worked as an institutional client specialist with Chancellor LGT Asset Management and as a Research Associate on joint projects and studies with the National Development Research Institutes (NDRI) and the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City.

​Mr. Murillo graduated from the State University of New York at Oswego in May of 1994 with a dual degree in Political Science and Public Justice. He is a licensed Investment Advisor and a licensed Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) and is a member of the Investment & Wealth Management Institute.

​Mr. Murillo is active in the community having been involved in promoting arts and education in the Miami community. Including acting as a former Board Member to the Casimiro Global Foundation, and currently volunteering with organizations in support of human rights and sustainable development goals.

Scarlett Lanzas, MPA
Chief Community Officer

Ms. Lanzas is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working with organizations focused on community development, international development and humanitarian assistance. Additionally, she has extensive experience collaborating with nonprofits, public and private sector organizations and corporations. She specializes in nonprofit incorporation and management, resource development, organizational governance, compliance and corporate social responsibility.

During the span of her career, Scarlett has worked in diverse areas ranging from humanitarian assistance, through her work with the United Nations World Food Programme in Nicaragua, to leading a non-profit organization in New Orleans, Louisiana that focused on the development of community assets and leadership building initiatives. She also worked with Florida International University on specific projects related to data review, assessment and accreditation processes for their Master of Public Administration program.

Scarlett holds an Executive Master of Public Administration degree from Florida International University, a Master in International Development and a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Central American University in Managua, Nicaragua. In addition, she’s completed several fellowships and specialized courses, including: Comprehensive Project Management, Nonprofit Management, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Community Development & Asset Building Strategies from diverse institutions in the US.

Advisory Board

The Emergent management team receives advice and balanced opinions from experienced professionals with diverse global experience in corporate, non-profit and governmental sectors.

Melanio Lopez, MS
Advisory Board
US Dept of Treasury
Expert in Cybersecurity
New York, NY 

Mr. Lopez currently works as an IT Project Manager with the U.S. Department of Treasury and currently advises EGI with respect to Information Technology and cybersecurity. Mr. Lopez has a diverse professional history  with various of U.S. Government Agencies. Mr. Lopez is skilled in computer information security & network architecture, he is a Certified Network Defender (CND), and is certified for CEHv10,  CISA, CompTIA Security+, A+, CompTIA, Network+, CNNA Voice and CNNA Security.

Mr. Lopez started his career in 1995 with the US Army 11B Reconnaissance Division of the 101st Airborne Division. Subsequently he worked as an Information Specialist with the US Navy, an Information Analyst with the Veterans Administration, a Civil Affairs and Special Operations specialist with the US Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command and as an Information Specialist with the US Department of Homeland Security.


Mr. Lopez graduated from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Oswego in 1995, with a Bachelors Degree in Criminology and Forensic Science. Mr. Lopez received a Masters Degree in Information Technology from Webster University in 2005, where he is currently working on his second Masters Degree in Cyber Security.

Dr. Anthony Okonmah
Advisory Board
African Trade & Development Center
Executive Director  - Miami, FL

Mr. Okonmah is the Executive Director of The Africa Trade Development Center (ATDC), the first of its kind in the United States designed to expand US--Africa trade and to create demand for African imports to the United States under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA); the Generalized Systems of Preferences (GSP) and to other lucrative markets in the Americas using the strategic location of the ATDC in the Miami Free Zone as a distribution hub to the Americas


Tony has over 15 years, experience working on US Africa Trade and investment policy. He has travelled extensively in Africa promoting US-Africa Trade and investment. Tony Okonmah  has published more than thirty peer-review articles and abstracts in scientific journals. Prior to this position he has worked with several drug companies as a research scientist and also taught doctor of pharmacy students – research methodology


Mr. Okonmah also serves on the Board of Directors of the Miami-Dade County Industrial Development Authority and several other private sector organizations in the US and Africa.


He received his Bachelor of Science (Honors), Animal and Poultry Science, Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee, Alabama, June 1975, and his Master of Science, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, Florida, April 1978.